MizzFitts Fun Finds Challenges You to Change the Way You Think

MizzFitts Fun Finds Challenges You to Change the Way You Think

MizzFitts Fun Finds works hard to provide you with quality gifts while offering you the lowest price possible. Free surprise gifts are included with each order to give you more fun in every package you receive.

It seems like the price of many things are going up. Essentials, novelty gifts, and luxury items are priced much higher than ever before. Why? Without going into a political rabbit hole, let’s talk about the basics.

There are so many things to consider when you are shopping in a retail store. While brand may be a number one reason, there is also cost of the building you shop in, cost of the electricity that pays to light the isles, cost to pay the people that help you as you shop in some cases, cost of insurance to help pay in case of an accident, and so much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more involved when it comes to product pricing. Think about the people who make the item you are purchasing. Where is it made? Who made it? Was it a machine or was it handmade? Even if it was made by a machine, someone took the time to design it. With handmade products, it takes time to purchase the materials, the time to craft the design, and the time to make it. No matter what it is, there are many different people that design, craft, create, and build the products.

Why am I telling you this?  I would like to persuade you to think of the price you pay in a different light. When you shop, you get a product you want, while giving back to the creators, inventors, manufacturers, along with the retailers and employees that help display the items you are buying.

MizzFitts Fun Finds plans to open small gift boutiques in the future, but for now, purchases are online only to give you the lowest price possible without disrespecting the brands, designers, and creators. Just as there is a cost to pay for a store location, there is still the cost of the website to host MizzFitts Fun Finds shop. Fun fact. When you choose the free shipping option, MizzFitts Fun Finds pays for that, and often breaks even on the sale after paying for the cost of the merch along with the cost to ship.

The moral of all of this is in the hopes it will inspire you to think differently when you shop. There is so much more that goes into the price of a single product. You are helping a community of talented people from all different backgrounds, while at the same time, receiving a product that you can feel proud of owning or to give as a gift.


With Love, Peace, and a little bit of Crazy! ~ MizzFitt

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