If you have found yourself here, you must be interested in our NO END DATE BUYBACK option! If you think you landed in the Upside Down and something happened with your order, then no fear, MizzFitt is here! I can be your hero!

Please check out our Refund policy, send an email to , call 1-855-mizzfit, or use the Message MizzFitt form on

There is always a home for misfits here at MIZZFITTS FUN FINDS! That is why we offer a NO END DATE BUYBACK option!! You read that right. No expiration dates! HOWEVER, you must understand that there are certain things we CANNOT buy back. 

Therefore, this offer does not include pillows, blankets, hats, socks, or shoes. Other garments of clothing, plush, or material may be accepted depending on condition. 

  1. If you would like to receive an offer on an item you purchased from us no matter when, please send an email to

Please use this checklist when emailing us for a BUYBACK OFFER.

  • Your Name
  • Product Description
  • Date of Purchase
  • Picture 
  1. Let a misfit take it from there! You will receive an email reply or phone call with your offer. 
  1. Your mission, should you choose to accept the offer, is to:
    1. Give us your preferred method of payment. Check or PayPal.
    2. Mail back the misfit fun find using the prepaid return label we will email you.
    3. Once we receive the misfit, you will be paid! Cha Ching!