MizzFitts Fun Finds – The Second Interview

MizzFitts Fun Finds – The Second Interview

Halfway through 2023, has anything changed at MizzFitts Fun Finds? 

Yes! Still adding more fun finds each week.

Is it true that each order receives surprise gifts? 

Yes! Here at MizzFitts Fun Finds, we believe that it is important to help make someone’s day a little better with fun surprises in their orders. 

How has the business been since you first opened? 

As with any small business start-up, the first couple of years is challenging. One of our biggest challenges is getting people to know we exist. We do not believe in having a pushy marketing plan, but at the same time, we want people to know about us. 

Do you plan to open a brick and mortar store in the future? 

We would like to, but then we would have to raise our prices to help cover the additional costs. We may open a Pop Up Shop to take to events in the future though. 

Since this is currently an online only store, how are you managing inventory? 

The inventory is kept in MizzFitts Fun Finds private office. Every order is picked and packed with care by MizzFitt, the owner. 

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Yes. The owner of MizzFitts Fun Finds struggles with knowing people do not need more stuff, and that time with loved ones is more important than stuff. However, sometimes little fun things can be given to help people remember happy memories with loved ones. Over the years, memories can fade, while pictures help, sometimes little fun things help hold on to those good memories too. Game nights, movie nights, travel adventures, singing songs, dancing, time with family, time with friends, or just having fun by yourself. 

More stories to come. More fun to share! We are all misfits and we deserve a little happiness. Life is worth living one moment and one Fun Find at a time.  

Have a question that you want answered? Message MizzFitt and I will post the answer here. 


With Love, Peace, and a Little Bit of Crazy! 



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